Patti McQuinn

When I found massage, I found my passion.

I have to say I had never thought I would be a massage therapist. In fact it wasn’t even on my radar while I was in college. I thought I would have ended up working for the government after getting my BA in Political Science. Massage therapy was about as far away from that plan as I could have gotten.

My journey towards massage therapy started…with injuries. I’ve always jokingly said “I don’t fall well”. I can honestly say I can back that statement up. I have had several fall injuries that have given me continual problems with my low back and hip. I never realized how big a problem until I noticed I wasn’t improving that much over the years and each injury stack onto of the last.

Shortly after moving to the Seattle area from Ohio, I started looking into going back to school. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do but going back to school felt right. I’m not sure what made me notice Seattle Massage School in my search because I had never had a massage before but there I was looking into massage school. Talk about going outside of my comfort zone. Next thing I know, I’m signed up to start massage classes. Best decision I ever made. 

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